A father-daughter business

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Our Co-Founders

Dagne Tedla & Xiomara Rosa-Tedla

UnoEth, meaning 'one Ethiopia', is a father-daughter brand that reaches back to their roots and partners with artisans in Addis Ababa to craft handmade, leather handbags, totes, backpacks, duffles and accessories.

Dagne and Xiomara, love to travel and were inspired by their many road trips and international travels before embarking on their leather bag and accessories business venture. Whether it's long journeys or daily commutes, the two yearned for classic styles with a story.

Our Story

In all honesty, UnoEth started on accident.

After a trip to Ethiopia to visit family, Dagne brought a leather messenger bag as a gift for Xiomara. After countless compliments and inquiries from friends and strangers about the bag, Dagne suggested the two should start a business. Initially, Xiomara resisted as she was focused in her corporate career and busy personal life. Soon after, friends and co-workers asked when Dagne was heading back to Ethiopia and asked if they could place pre-orders!

After her initial hesitation and the growing demand for her leather messenger, Xiomara said 'yes' and hopped on board! She then designed several bag styles, Dagne helped their current artisan partner obtain his export license and thus, the birth of UnoEth began.

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Our Mission

After witnessing the dramatic impact of UnoEth's partnership and investment with artisans and small businesses in Ethiopia, the duo made it their mission to keep duplicating their business model across the globe, one artisan at a time.

Since then, Xiomara and Dagne have partnered with additional leather artisans and cotton weavers in Ethiopia and jewelry makers in Tanzania.


Meet the Artisan 

Meet Muzeyen Siraj!

Before UnoEth officially began, Dagne reached out to start a partnership with Muzeyen to craft our designs. Muzeyen was elated, but needed help in obtaining his leather export license. After jumping through a couple hoops and over hurdles here and there, Muzeyen was granted his export license!

After finalizing samples and submitting a purchase order, Muzeyen hired fellow artisans and then hit the ground running in production mode for UnoEth.

Since then, Muzeyen has expanded his workshop, hired more artisans full-time and part-time, acquired more machines and tools and now has other international clients in Portugal, Canada, and Italy.

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UnoEth Video


A Q&A with Xiomara

Check out our About Us video to learn more about how we started, the meaning behind UnoEth, and more!